September 28, 2017

Last month, I attempted to explain some of the disconnect between lawyers and clients. I started by describing how much law there really is out there.  Books and books and libraries and libraries of material.  I also did a quickie review of how there are three bodies of law (city, state and federal) and the difference between laws passed by a legislature (“statutory” law, a.k.a. “statutes”) and the way those statutory laws are interpreted by cour...

September 20, 2017

In August, I was pleased to travel to New Haven with client Hazel Alvarado, Founder of Whiskey with Me, to assist her in a project for the Bartender Journey Podcast.

The Bartender Journey Podcast, was chosen by BevSpot as a top 10 industry pod cast, for 2017, is produced by Brian Weber.  Brian was recently asked to be part of a panel at the industry’s largest conference in New Orleans that draws approximately 20,000 attendees and generates over $...

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Does a business owe you money? Read this.

January 15, 2020

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