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Jeffrey P. Laner, Esq.


Need a business lawyer in NYC?

I’m more than a lawyer.  I’m a person. 


Well, at least colleagues and clients always have told me I talk less like "other" attorneys and more like a "regular" person that they actually can understand. Although that could just be my native Queens accent showing through.  But, don’t let that fool you.

​What This Means For You: My practice brings "Big Law" expertise and education down to the small business (as well as serving larger corporations and non-profits), to act as your "one stop shop" for legal services.  I emphasize personalized solutions with clarity and consistency, i.e. quality over quantity, to save you time, money, confusion and trouble in the future.  A good work product upfront will prevent and solve headaches and heartaches.  That's the point of hiring the right lawyer and business advisor, isn't it? Feel free to read more about me and my approach below.

Why I'm Different: Although I was educated in some of the best schools and worked in billion dollar corporate environments, prior to law school, I also worked for six years as a political aide, serving constituents and negotiating various legislative bills, so I know people, organizations and government - inside and out - a decisive advantage over lawyers who never did anything else in their careers. Also, having once been a company senior manager, hiring millions of dollars of outside legal help, I'm like you - I understand every dollar you spend on other help comes off your bottom line, and I'm sensitive to that.


My Skills for Your Success: Since 2003, I have dealt with business, commercial real estate and equipment leases,  construction, contracts, government, insurance, intellectual property, operations, public-private enterprise, technology and other ancillary issues.  Whether, it was for $10,000 and two pages or, a multi-million dollar 700 page document, I could read, analyze, interpret and negotiate virtually any kind of contract for a blue collar supply officer, middle manager or rarefied board member.  I'm familiar with many other aspects of law relating to companies small or large. 


A Boutique for Business: My firm seeks special clients who demand superior education and experience and the level of service naturally flowing from that confidence and track record.  Thus, when I say "boutique" I mean it.  Although I offer rate packages reflective of every stage of a business, from modest "solo-preneur" to flagship corporation, this is not a "copy and paste" or "I know a guy who knows a guy" kinda sloppy shop you find in some places; nor is it a refuge for clients that need it "quick and dirty" for the cheapest price.  If you've come through my door, you're a winner with high expectations for yourself and seeking the elite level of personal attention that you deserve.


Dedication to the Public: Public service also is important to me, and over the years, I have served on nonprofit and professional boards and committees, and have a very good feel for the types of matters that come up in those areas as well.  And, as I said, even before law school, I had a career at City Hall for several years, cutting my teeth by finding solutions to unusual problems, and negotiating almost everything you can imagine.


Expert Communicator & Negotiator: As a result of this varied experience, I am well versed in dealing with all kinds of folks, getting to the heart of the matter, identifying difficulties they might have missed, forecasting opportunities, and assisting adversaries or commercial partners find mutual ground of understanding and accommodation to reach suitable settlements.  I am the ideal bridge between two or more partners, corporate officers and staff, adverse parties, and your business and the public.


One Stop Shop: Finally, I maintain strong relationships with other lawyers I really know and trust to ensure if a legal issue comes up where I cannot honestly do the job for you in the manner of excellence you deserve, I can work with or refer it to someone who can get the job done.  I know business, and that's what I'm good at.  I don't pretend to be great at everything.  You always should have a legal adviser on tap who truly knows their craft - all without having to know a hundred different attorneys - you just need to know me, and I'll ensure it gets done.

Oh, incidentally, I really did grow up in Queens, a modest "outer borough." However, I also was educated and worked in Manhattan throughout most of my life.  I believe this dual-background endowed me with a uniquely well-rounded balance in the way I approach people and their problems - with both common sense and sophistication (and perhaps more humanity).  Think of it as the homespun wisdom of your favorite uncle.  And, I'm happy to offer that down-to-Earth advice to you.



Thank you for reading about me.  I can't wait to find out more about you.

*** ​​​​

Fast Facts

Law Pratice

Bar Admissions
• New York State Bar (2003)
• Federal, Southern District (2004)
• Federal, Eastern District (2004)
​​Years of Practice
​​• Fifteen years of legal business experience, ten in-house, in two large billion dollar public-private institutions (Battery Park City Authority, LIRR).
• Performed all kinds of business law: commercial leases, construction, contracts, copyrights, governmental, insurance, leasing, litigation, settlements, and more.
• Managed half of BPCA's legal department, its internal and external resources, including a multi-million dollar budget. I know the value of every dollar spent on legal services.
• As someone who worked their way up from a junior manager to a corporate officer, I know how to get deals done, calm tempers, find common ground and make it happen.
• As comfortable in the Board Room as I am the break room; I "get" all manner of people.
Business Contract Lawyer NYC


I had the pleasure of working with Jeff and his services were extraordinary.

- Sarah Feingold

General Counsel, Vroom. 

Prepared with 15 years of legal practice in some of the most sophisticated places, and an education in some of the best schools and universities, I am confident I can assist you with your organization's business, non-profit and legal needs.

Fast Facts

More than Lawyer

​​Board Member Roles

• Treasurer & Board Member (2018) of the Foreign Press Association (founded 1918), the pre-eminent NGO representing international journalists in the United States.
Chair (2016-17) and Treasurer (2011-2015) of the New York State Bar Association Corporate Counsel Section (1600+ members).*
• Treasurer & Board Member of Queens Legal Services Corporation (2013-17), dedicated to providing legal services to the disadvantaged.*
Government & Political
• Prior to law school, six years of senior professional local political and government experience.  I "get" people, government regulators and agencies, as well as intangible "off-book" concerns that don't show on balance sheets.


* Service in these positions does not  represent an endorsement or referral from these organizations.

Fast Facts



• J.D. from Fordham University School of Law (Tier 1 Law School); Winner of Intramural Mulligan Moot Court Competition ("Best Oralist"); member of Corporate and Financial Journal and of Moot Court Board.


• B.A. from NYU, Cum Laude, with Honors in Politics, Double Major of History. 
• Stuyvesant H.S., Regents Diploma
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