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Outside General Counsel Fees

The Law Firm of Jeffrey P. Laner, A Boutique for Business, is geared toward assisting clients looking for a superlative level of experience and education, who demand more personalized service than found in many "copy & paste," high-volume oriented competitors. And, all with a better "bedside manner" and sense of humor - if I do say so myself! I believe you will find my rates reflect this individualized attention to both you and the details of your matter, while still remaining highly competitive with other (larger and stuffier) Financial District law firms.

Standard Rate: $300-$525/hour

Typical B2B Contingency Collection

20%-33% (+ modest administrative fee)

Depending on Work Performed

(individual rates vary upon situation)

Admin Fee: Typically about $100 per $10k sought

DISCLAIMER: Actual rates, either by hour or flat fee or otherwise, may vary up or down, according to complexity or circumstances of your individual unique situations. Flat fees listed below are typical samples, but are not final offers until we have a signed Retainer.

Typical Flat Rates

(may vary - see Disclaimer above)

​​​Business Formation

(Multi Member LLC / C or S Corp / Partnerships): $1,500 per "partner"

Does NOT include government filing fees. Total fee is up to a maximum of up to 10 hours of work per partner. Work includes the government filings, as well thorough interviews of involved partners, customized and detailed bylaws, partnership or operating agreement suitable to partner needs, Q&A and related consultation time.

Legal Contract/Lease Review:

Quick "Budget" Review

$250 + $10/page

Includes up to 15 minute Initial Consultation, written comments, but no edits and no negotiation with other party, and up to 15 minutes for Q&A after my review.

Thorough Review

$1,000 + $25/page

Up to 30 minutes Initial Consultation;  detailed, section by section thorough analysis of a given contract; if provided in MS Word format, comments and suggested tracked changes. Up to 30 Minutes for Q&A.

​Copyright Registration: $1,000

This includes initial consultation with you, and one US Copyright Office filing fee (but *NO* copyright search fees) up to 4  hours of work.

Initial Consultation: $525 up to 1st hour

A 15 minute phone call or brief email free pre- consultation might be available upon request.

Negotiation: May be available upon request.

Trademark Registration: $2,775

This includes one "International Class" USPTO filing fee, and as many USPTO "Office Actions" until a USPTO final decision for or against the filing is reached, continuous consultation time related to this matter (all up to a maximum of 12 hours of work). Does not include TTAB work, litigation or negotiation with anyone except the USPTO. Discounts for multiple filings for same brand.

Legal Contract Review

Other Terms

Feel free to ask about any of the items below.

Additional Hours Discounted: If work takes longer than the flat fee "maximum amount of hours", other hours are at the reduced rate of $250/hour. Example: If it's $3,000 to max of 20 hours of work, and the matter requires 22 hours of work , the fee would be $3,000 + 2 hours @ $250/hour or $3,500).

Credit Cards: Payment by credit card, for some or all of services might be available for your matter.

Discounts: At my sole discretion, I may extend reduced rates to certain clients based on simplicity of the matter, small amount of money involved, or other relevant factors.

Fixed Fees: Fixed Fees are available on some matters; see column to the left or ask! Note: If work is terminated before the Flat Fee portion of the matter is completed, you will be charged for time spent at my maximum posted hourly rates or whatever our retainer says, whichever is lower.

Payment Plans: Options to be billed on continuous basis might be available for your matter. 

Advance Fee Retainers: Retainers, to be billed against future expenses incurred on your behalf, are usually required upfront before any work begins.  This "Advance Fee" is commensurate with the matter to be performed, usually, at least, $5,000 - $10,000, unless the matter is anticipated to cost less. Of course you are entitled to a refund of all "unearned" portions of such advanced monies.

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