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regulatory law


"How can anyone govern a nation that has two hundred and forty-six different kinds of cheese?" French President Charles de Gaulle.

Let's face it. Government - whether it's federal, state or local - impacts us every way imaginable. Whether you sell air conditioners, operate a dry cleaner, post price of goods for sale, employ independent contractors ... even ask for plastic straws for your drink - the government is waiting and watching to be a part of your daily life.

For the average small business person, this is no joke. When you should be eagerly thinking about new customers and obscene profits, you're instead sitting there anxious about your next fine or whether you still will have a license next season, because of an understandable accidental omission or a stupid insignificant infraction.

I have worked in and around government for over 15 years. "Bureaucrat" is one of my dialects. I intuitively and instinctively know how these folks think, and what they really care about. Sometimes, it "takes one to know one." If you have a government contract, are responding to an government RFP, or having an issue with some kind of government agency, give a shout out. Maybe I can help get Uncle Sam (or his cousins) off your back, in a way that will address the concerns of the regulator, and get you back to business. And your hopefully obscene profits!

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