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"Once you get involved with bloodsport litigation, you can not only get drunk on your own greed but start to believe your own lies" - Jello Biafra

​Sometimes, things just don't go the way you want. So, what now?

You're probably feeling anxious, aren't 100% sure what to do, maybe you're wondering if you partly at fault or you're positive the other person is unreasonably screwing with you. You're trying to resolve it yourself, but have a sinking feeling you're missing something. And if they have a lawyer and you don't, well now you might think, you're really at a disadvantage.

My advice is ... don't panic. You got this far, you'll get through this, also. Most disputes do NOT wind up in actual litigation. Very few people really enjoy suing anyone or getting sued. Going to court stinks for everyone not billing you by the hour (and the truth is many attorneys who make their livings in the courthouse, dislike that part the most!). So where does that leave you?

You'll want an attorney to go over your legal situation, sure. But that attorney should also understand your business needs as well. It's kind of irrelevant if you're "legally correct" but it will take three years to get you a good court decision. And, if you're paying more to your lawyer than you win with the lawsuit, what was the point of it all? Plus, do you really want to spend several years in court vindicating yourself?

Sure, if you have to go to court, we have to do what we have to do. But many disputes can be solved with proper negotiation if your lawyer has the correct "touch," especially if parties are willing to be even a little bit reasonable. A good lawyer will get you a good legal result, but a GREAT lawyer ideally should get you an overall result that's good for your business and good for you, personally. "Penny wise and pound foolish" is a very unwise way to approach litigation.

Bottom Line: My advice on lawsuits: don't start one if you can avoid it, but if you do, you best have the stomach for a serious fight. If you work with your lawyer, and rely on their tactical advice, they will get you to the strategic solution for which you are seeking.