Not An "Ordinary" Experience

In August, I was pleased to travel to New Haven with client Hazel Alvarado, Founder of Whiskey with Me, to assist her in a project for the Bartender Journey Podcast.

The Bartender Journey Podcast, was chosen by BevSpot as a top 10 industry pod cast, for 2017, is produced by Brian Weber. Brian was recently asked to be part of a panel at the industry’s largest conference in New Orleans that draws approximately 20,000 attendees and generates over $100 million in cumulative revenue for the local New Orleans economy each July.

As part of this trip, we visited two legendary establishments where Hazel conducted interviews as part of her research for an upcoming podcast on the rising craft cocktail scene in New Haven. First was with Daniel Rek at Olives and Oil (part of Fork Hospitality that also owns Elm City Social) and then we met Tim Cabral of the Ordinary, New Haven’s oldest tavern. Those interviews will be featured on the latest episode of Brian's podcast, which will post the week of September 27th.

Besides discussing the business and legal implications of the industry, we learned a lot about the history of the area and the establishments, some of which goes to back to Colonials times. And, best of all, we were treated to custom craft cocktails and curious conversation.

Click here for more information about my client, Hazel Alvarado and the Bartender Journey Podcast.


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