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End of an Era

Over the last four years, it has been a sincere pleasure and honor to write so many articles written for a variety of audiences. However, as things are picking up, and I write my own material, I'm afraid I am currently suspending or ending the writing and publication of original content.

I believe many of my most loyal readers have seen my educational pieces range from intensive scholarship replete with dozens of references, to easy-to-understand "listicles" maybe describing 5 reasons to do this or not that.

Perhaps every lawyer always wanted to be a writer, so the journey has been a very enjoyable one. However, some of those features took days, on and off, to write, and as any productive attorney will tell you, that's just way too much of a sacrifice, no matter how much a labor of love it is.

For now, as I continue to shift my practice to assisting hard working consultants, solopreneurs and small businesses recover the rightfully earned fruits of their labor, I no longer will be able to write these stories, or send out my regular newsletter - not on a regular basis, anyway. However, I always like to leave a little suspense for my audience, so we never know if I will make a return, in part or whole.

Until then, thank you so much for your interest, your comments and supportive feedback. My archives contain many articles you still might find helpful and I will recycle them on other platforms such as Linked In.

Best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2020!



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