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January 15, 2020








Are you an individual consultant, solopreneur or small business, that has worked tirelessly for a business client, only to ... well ... get stiffed in the end?


I mean, you put in hours and hours of work, and maybe you were paid some of the debt you were owed, but then ... the problems started. Client arguments, late or partial payments, and then - SILENCE.


I always encourage my clients to try and work out such issues with their customers before they entail the expense (and let's face it, hassle) of hiring an experienced attorney. When that approach fails, perhaps I can assist.


Through patient negotiation, these disputes often can be resolved, especially if parties are willing to consider each other's positions and adjust to the necessities of their current realities. If not, ethically pursued litigation can - well - twist arms, or if necessary bring an errant and recalcitrant party to justice. In any event, resolution of a matter permits everyone to get on with their professional (and sometimes personal) lives, and pursue their next exciting adventure. Are you ready to put the past in its place, get what you can out of it, and move forward?


If so, my firm is in a great position to put these services in your reach. Experienced attorneys in New York often charge $300-500 (or more) an hour for such assistance. However, I am now in a position to help, and fight for you, for a reasonable contingency fee. That means, instead of you paying by the hour, we work out an arrangement, where I only collect if you do. All for a pre-agreed percentage, usually 20-33% depending on the progress of the case. For instance, if the situation only requires negotiations instead of actual litigation in court, the contingency fee tends to be lower. Please inquire within for full pricing details. NOTE: Prices may vary upon client situations, and are not guaranteed until a Retainer Agreement is signed.


Not sure? Understandable. Drop me an email and setup a brief phone consultation to see if we are a good fit for each other. Generally, I'm looking for clients who unpaid bills and disputes ranging from $20k-$2M range, but let's see what your own situation is and talk about it.


Time is going to move on whether or not you decide to deal with the unrealized fruits of your labor; you might as well get something out of it as you enter the new year.


Happy 2020!


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