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Laner Legal Website Improvements

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I'm pleased to announce continued improvements to the Laner Legal website for your viewing ease and pleasure. Ok, "pleasure" might be a strong word, but hey, I try to make it as much fun as anyone can make business, law and legal studies. Here are some of the recent improvements:

New Pages: As you may have noticed, in the last year, I added to the website, two new pages (Clients, and Videos).

Revised Formatting: I also have made several changes to layout, color, content, and positioning. Perhaps the three largest alternations are: (1) Practice Areas have moved from the home page to the banner so that new visitors can quickly assess my ability to assist them (2) the home page now has blog previews (3) and my personal favorite, the banner (i.e. the top header) sports a new "Search Bar" feature! (Edit: 9/27/17 temporary tech difficulties, will return soon!) Hopefully, this all will make content easier to find and read.

Mobile Friendlier: Several of you kindly informed me that while useful, the smart phone "friendly" views weren't all that friendly after all. In response to your constructive suggestions, I cleaned up the display to make it sleeker and more readable. If errors persist, please let me know!

Snazzier Newsletter: Soon, you will receive my new and improved newsletter which I believe you fill find a vast improvement over the previous more informal ones. That said, I warn you I am still experimenting with contrasting hues, so please be patient as I attempt to master the mysteries of the "color wheel."

Blog "Minis": I am experimenting with moving from the larger novel-sized articles to something more bite-sized and digestible for the average 21st century consumer (either that or perhaps I will serialize them and compile them later. I hope, though, to retain my sense of humor along with the substantive content. So, either way, I hope you keep reading and share any thoughts about the content!

Thank You: I appreciate all for your continued support and advice. These changes reflect much of the feedback you were considerate enough to provide, and I look forward to creating a dynamic and evolving experience for all my loyal readers.



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