Honored to Meet, Katalin Bogyay, Hungarian Ambassador to the United Nations @The Foreign Press Assoc

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A beautiful Friday with Hungarian Ambassador to the United Nations, Katalin Bogyay (to my left, your right), at the Foreign Press Association Scholarship Fund Annual Gala.

This was such an honor, as I am 50% Magyar on my father's side (this one was for you grandma and grandpa!).

The Ambassador was incredibly gracious and gave a spell binding speech about her own story and growth as a journalist and diplomat. (and the food, of course, was enviable in the extreme, courtesy of the Mission's chef).

Special thanks to my client, the Foreign Press Association, for inviting me to their affiliate's event, where they honored aspiring young journalists already making a difference in the world!

You can learn more about both organizations here. Great things again are in their future and I invite all of you get involved or keep your eye on them!

Foreign Press Association


Foreign Press Association Scholarship Fund



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